Garage40 works with small business owners in various industries, but our specialty is in the automotive industry – a niche we have over 15 years experience in. It’s the market we’re most passionate about and we absolutely love doing what we can to push the market forward, helping small business owners in the automotive industry reach their dreams and achieve new levels of success.

Every business has different needs, goals, and priorities. We will work closely with you to custom tailor a solution to fit the needs of your business, or you can choose from our most popular services below:

SEO Services for E-commerce

We can help grow traffic and sales through organic search engine optimization of your website/e-commerce store. Get a complete SEO audit and strategy plan tailored specifically to your shop’s needs. Let us improve your rankings and maintain those rankings over the long term.

Website & E-commerce Management

What good is a website if it isn’t updated with new content regularly? We can help you post new content, add new products to your online store, do the necessary system maintenance to ensure security, perform regular backups, update plugins and themes, etc.

Social Media and Reputation Management

If you are struggling to grow and/or maintain a strong presence on social media, or you need someone to increase reviews for your shop in online directories, we can help.

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