What Sets Garage40 Apart from Other Agencies

With over 15 years in website management and digital marketing in the automotive aftermarket world, we understand the industry, the common business challenges, the sometimes insane customer demands, and the chaotic daily life of the business owners we work with. Simply put, we are marketing professionals AND automotive enthusiasts. We not only speak the automotive language, we know how to harness the common sense marketing approaches to grow your business and increase revenue. Whether you own a service shop who caters to a local customer base or an e-commerce shop who sells products globally, we can help.

We Save You Time and Help Grow Your Business

Our value proposition is simple: we take over the mundane digital marketing and online advertising tasks that are preventing you from getting things done for your business. Or, if you’re trying to grow your business and your sales, we can manage the marketing tasks that give you the best opportunity to grow. We take care of things like social media posting, paid Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads campaign monitoring and optimization, ongoing search engine optimization (SEO), ongoing local SEO and Google Maps optimization, reputation management and negative review response, online reviews and ratings growth, content marketing and article/blog writing, email marketing campaigns, as well as complete website redesigns – just to name a few.

Why Choose us as Your Partner?

The going rate for an experienced full time marketing employee can be out of reach for many automotive businesses. You need to grow your business but you can’t afford to pay the ~$62k per year salary the average marketing manager gets paid, plus all the additional costs associated with hiring for that position on top of their salary (health care benefits, administration, HR, etc). Not to mention how difficult it is to find a marketing employee with the right experience needed to maximize results. We provide a variety of a-la-carte marketing services that you can choose from to help grow your audience and build a trusted brand at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time marketing employee.

As a business owner, you also know that trying to do marketing on the cheap isn’t going to get you the results you need. Taking on these tasks yourself as a business owner will only lead to exhaustion and a loss of focus in other key areas of the business, and having a lower level employee do it in their spare time is usually even less effective. Your time is better spent serving your customers and managing your business processes. There is no need to continue to waste time trying to keep up on the ever changing marketing and advertising trends.

Let us take the reigns and allow you to allocate your time where it makes the most sense – on the 20% of the business processes that bring in 80% of your shop’s revenue. Work more efficiently and get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Where to invest your marketing dollars?

SEO, social media, paid ads, oh my! Should you be posting on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and/or forums? Should you be paying for ads on Facebook or Google? Should you invest in organic SEO? What about Google Maps? It depends on the type of automotive business you operate, your ideal customer, and where your target audience hangs out. Every business is different. We will help you figure out a common sense strategy to help get the best bang for your buck, and we’ll test different strategies for you to find what works best for your business. Work with experts who can improve your company’s social image, increase your company’s SEO rankings, improve your website user experience, and generate more leads and happy customers!

Website & e-Commerce

Need a website refresh? Are you jumping into selling products online and not sure what e-commerce solution makes sense for your shop? It’s definitely good to get advice from other online retailers and other shop owners, but understand what works well for them isn’t necessarily what will be best for you. Just because most shop owners you encounter love Shopify doesn’t mean that Woocommerce might not be a better option for you and your business, or vice versa. We can help you navigate these big decisions, and help you design a product catalog that fits your business and your market. And if you’re looking to migrate from one platform to another, we can certainly help you do that too.


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