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Are you planning on attending any industry events this year? Maybe it’s SEMA or PRI, or you have a booth at a notable annual racing event or car show that is significant in the market you serve. Chances are you’re focused heavily on logistics and making sure you have everything ready for the trip. You might be wrapping up details on the promo car for the booth, marketing materials, and product lines you plan to promote. You have your list of people you plan to meet and shake hands with. What you might not be thinking about is how to use the event as a content marketing opportunity!

Some of the best content can be sourced from industry events. This content be used for blog entries, website graphics, Facebook business page cover photos, marketing materials, email marketing visuals, paid advertisement artwork, and various social media uses. The more original content assets you have at your disposal, the better. So be sure everyone on your team has their smart phones with them at all times while at the event! Below are some tips on ways you can leverage the videos, photos, and conversations you have with people at the events.

Blog Entries & Articles

One of the best uses for photos taken from events is blog and article content. The obvious option is to write an article talking about your plans to attend the event, with a follow up article afterwards with event coverage and commentary. These articles are great ways to highlight cool cars while sprinkling in some mentions of your products. You can also use videos, photos and interactions from the event as a basis for future technical articles, white papers, customer stories, and other stories. The more photos you have on hand, the less you have to rely on stock photography. Utilizing SEO best practices will ensure you get the most out of your blog efforts. We usually suggest posting videos on your Youtube channels, with links to your website in the video description, then embedding those videos in your blog post.

Social Media

There are many ways to leverage events through social media. If you plan to meet with any influential members in the market, consider recording a video interview or taking photos with them. When you post these on Facebook or Instagram you can tag them and thank them. You can also live stream videos from the event on Facebook Live or Instagram Stories. Your followers who couldn’t make it to the show will thank you for sharing! Even just posting some photo updates on your social profiles is a really good way to engage your followers.

Email Marketing

Chances are, if you’re posting articles on your website, you will be marketing that content via newsletters to your email list. Much like the blog/article content suggestion above, photos and stories from your events will work great in your email marketing efforts. Including photos of customer cars and/or cars your company sponsors in your emails are always a good idea – your customers will love the added exposure, and you get to show off the fact that your products (or services) are associated with some high profile cars at the same time. Pointing people to blog entries with stories from those customers would be ideal.

Paid Advertisement Artwork

When you’re creating ads to run on networks like Facbeook or Google, you want to use images that resonate with the audience you’re targeting. Keep this in mind when you’re walking the trade show floor or you’re taking photos of cars in the staging lanes at race events. Think of the type of ads you are running now and ones you’d like to run in the future. These can be product photos, vehicle photos, people, etc.

Local Directory Profiles

If you have a heavy focus on local business you likely have a Google My Business profile for your company, as well as a Yelp profile, and other local directory profiles. Updating those profiles with photos from events doesn’t hurt. Some of those profiles will rank higher in search results when they’re updated regularly. And using photos from your booth, photos of your customer cars at the event, or other event photos could help tell your story in those listings.

Make sure you, or someone representing your company is bringing a good camera to the event, or at least a really good smart phone!

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