Leverage Events for Content Marketing

Photo credit: Specialty Equipment Market Association Are you planning on attending any industry events this year? Maybe it's SEMA or PRI, or you have a booth at a notable annual racing event or car show that is significant in the market you serve. Chances are you're focused heavily on logistics and making sure you have everything ready for the trip. You might be wrapping up details on the promo car for the booth, marketing materials, and product lines you plan to promote. You have your list of people you plan to meet and shake hands with. What [...]

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Common Sense Automotive Business Marketing Options

  "I'm an Automotive Aftermarket Business Owner - How Should I Market My Business Online?" Where do you invest your marketing dollars in today's wildly fragmented digital world? Invest heavily in SEO? Google Ads? Instagram marketing/ads? Email marketing? Social media posting? Where will you get the best bang for your buck? This is one of the most popular questions marketing consultants get these days, and the answers depend on the type of automotive-related business you run. It's easy to get caught up in what other businesses are doing with their marketing, especially when we see their messages everywhere. But what [...]

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How Aftermarket Performance Brands are Using Social Media

Kiggly Racing uses social media to communicate with their target market, increase branding, and grow sales. It is no secret that social media is vital for growth and branding for nearly all business types - for an automotive aftermarket company, having a strong social media presence is just as important as having business cards these days. But some companies still don't quite understand how they can harness the power of social media and use it to their advantage. What should you post? How do you sustain it? Will it really grow sales? Before you can answer those questions it's important to understand what social [...]

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Get Listed in Local Review Directories like Yelp

Turning Local Enthusiasts Into Customers: Part 1 National marketing makes sense for many business owners in the performance aftermarket, especially manufacturers and retailers. For some however, the biggest opportunity for success will be with their local region. Roll bar and roll cage fabricators, custom exhaust and chassis specialists, parts installers, dyno tuners, paint and auto body shops, repair and maintenance pros, and various other service providers will rely heavily on local customers to grow their business. Do a little research on "local SEO" and your head will be spinning in no time with the information overload. This series will focus [...]

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Dealing with forum complaints

One of the most frustrating parts of doing business in the aftermarket performance parts industry these days is dealing with customers (or would-be customers) who jump online and start bashing your business before (or instead of) contacting you to work through the problem. Instead, they log on to their favorite online forum or social media outlet and start bad mouthing your shop. Sound familiar? Don't be like the countless businesses I've witnessed mishandle these "opportunities" in various automotive enthusiast forums. Turn the situation into a billboard for your shop! Here's how... RESPOND QUICKLY Don't allow the discussion to go on too long before you [...]

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10 Tips for Marketing Your Shop in Online Forums

Do you have a love-hate relationship with online community forums? Many shop owners in the performance aftermarket industry do. On one hand, you recognize that forums are a gold mine, full of potential customers in one place logging in daily. If you offer parts for the 4G63 turbo Mitsubishi platforms you're no stranger to DSMtuners.com or EvolutionM.net. If your business targets Corvette owners you've undoubtedly spent time on CorvetteForum.com. On the other hand, trying to market your products can be tricky and aggravating at times. With more shops investing in social media to promote their business, focusing on forums can sometimes take a [...]

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